Commissioning Guide

This guide will take you through the steps of setting up your Distractless device so that you can use it with your phone.

Step 1 – Online Registration
Open a web browser on your computer and in the url address bar type:

You should see a page that looks like the one below. Click on “Sign up” to create your ‘Distractless account.

comission step 1

Step 2 – Enter Your Details
You will be taken to a screen that looks like this:

step 2

Enter your details until the screen looks similar to the following image.

Click on “Sign Up” to continue.
Note: The phone number is the number that will be used to report any breaches. 

step 3

You should now see the following Account Verification page:

step 4

Step 3 – Account Verification
Check your E-mail for the verification E-mail that should be in your in box. Click on the link in the E­mail, which will verify your new account.

step 5

You have now completed the online registration for your new Distractless Account.

Step 4 – Enter Vehicle Details
Click on the “Return to Login” link on the Account Verification page, enter your login details similar to those shown below, and click the “Log In” button.

commision step 4

Once you successfully login, you will see a main screen that looks like this:

click here step 5

Click on the ‘+’ symbol to add new vehicle details. The entry screen will appear as below. Fill in the details, using a Name that will help you to identify the vehicle. The Device ID can be found on the label for your Distractless device. Make sure you enter the details exactly as they appear on the label, paying attention to upper and lower case letters. Click “Add” to complete the process.

step 5

You should then be returned to the main page that will show the vehicle you entered under the car icon, similar to this:

step 5 2

If you get more Distractless devices for other vehicles, you can add them under your account by clicking on the ‘+’ symbol and entering the Name and Device ID for each vehicle.Step 5 – Install phone app
From your phone, open a web browser and go to Google Play if you have an Android phone, or the app Store if you have an iPhone. Search for the Distractless app and install it onto your phone. There are handy links on our website, by going and clicking on the “Using Distractless” menu option at the top of the webpage.Step 6 – Register PhoneOnce you have installed the Distractless app on your phone, launch the application to bring up the registration screen. Below are the screens that you should see for the iPhone (left) and Android phone (right).

commision step 6

The account/username and password are the E-mail address and password that were used to create your Distractless account at Step 2 above. The nickname or Phone Name is a “friendly” name to identify the individual phone that you are registering on.
Tap the “Register” “‘!ord (iPhone) or button (Android phone) to complete the phone registration process. When you return to your Distractless account, you will see any vehicles that you have configured in a column under the car icon, and all of the phones that have been registered under the people icon, similar to the page below.

step 6 2

Step 7 – Install Distractless Device
Once you have completed the registration process, you can arrange for the Distractless device to be installed into your vehicle. Completing these steps in advance will make it easier for you to drive your vehicle away from the auto electrician’s workshop.